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Keelung Miaokou
Figure: Keelung Miaokou

This district was designated Great Keelung in the Ching Dynasty. During the early days of Japanese Occupation Period, the district was demarcated into the farmsteads of Keelung St., Shihying Harbor, Tiengliao Harbor, and Shihchiu Ling, and subordinated to Keelung prefecture. In 1924, Keelung St. was elevated to city status. Owing to its prosperity and populousness, on Oct. 1, 1932, the farmsteads were renamed Tienshen Ting, Shuanyeh Ting, Chuehchuan Ting, Fute Ting, Yutien Ting, Yuan Ting, Kaosha Ting, Hsu Ting, and Lungchuan Ting, with regions subordinated under the Tings. The regions were merged into the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th region in the end of the Pacific War, and, then, merged into the 3rd region after the retrocession, and, eventually, renamed Renai District.

Initially, a total of 33 villages were subordinated to the district. With the adjustments made after Nov. 1952, currently, there are totalizing 29 villages and 548 neighborhood.


Renai District Household Registration Office, Keelung City

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